Membership FAQs

Who is eligible for membership in SBRN?

Professional membership in the Small Business Resource Network is open to any accountant, business attorney, commercial lender, commercial insurance agent or business consultant who has a minimum of three years’ experience in working with small businesses (companies with up to 100 employees), meets the membership criteria for their profession, and, most importantly, wants to work with small businesses.

A limited number of corporate memberships are available in each region and would include businesses that provide a product or service to the small business community, but do not fit the criteria for general membership.  Non-profit or government agencies must provide a service to the general small business community.

What are the criteria for membership?

In addition to having three years’ experience in working with small businesses and the appropriate licenses for their profession, the professional must meet the following criteria:

  • Accountants—a professional designation of CPA, EA, CMA, etc.
  • Attorneys—practice business law in Florida for three years and is a member in good standing with the Florida Bar Association
  • Commercial Lenders—a minimum of three years’ experience in commercial lending.
  • Insurance Agents—hold the appropriate licenses, E & O Insurance certificate and demonstrated training, education and experience in business uses of insurance of the types for which the prospective member is licensed
  • Business Consultants—must provide fee-based services and submit three client testimonial letters.

Do I need to join each chapter of SBRN?

No, membership in the SBRN is statewide.  While most members will participate in events close to their main office.  Any member is welcome to attend any SBRN meeting or event.

How much are the membership dues?

Annual dues for new general members are $325 and $250 for renewing general members.  Annual dues for corporate members are $500 and offer the member an exclusive slot in a specific region for their particular industry.  Non-profit and government agencies are at no charge.

What is the process I need to follow to join?

Complete the online membership application. The application is reviewed by the appropriate SBRN Advisory Committee.  Upon acceptance of the applicant’s membership application and payment of dues, the applicant will officially become a member of the Small Business Resource Network.

Will I need to attend a New Member Orientation?

All new members are required to attend a New Member Orientation as part of their enrollment in the Small Business Resource Network. New Member Orientations are scheduled as needed by each region.