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LLC vs Sole Proprietor and Business Name

Asked by Jessica

I am starting a health coaching business where I will do 1:1 consulting, group workshops and perhaps sell e-books or online nutrition programs. I opened an LLC in Florida because I thought that was the only way to secure my business name of Verdad Wellness. I understood if I just operated as a Sole Proprietor and registered a DBA with Sunbiz, that someone else could still create an LLC with that name. I also thought the LLC would provide me with liability protection. However I am a one person LLC and my SCORE mentor advised I would not have protection and that my research on securing sole rights to the business name was not correct. Could you provide guidance on what legal entity type may be best for me and if I am just operating as a sole proprietor with a DBA can someone else in Florida use my business name as an LLC or Corporation?

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