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Asked by C Udell

Where would I go for more information on opening a small business?

5 Answers

There are several resources

The SBDC at UNF is a great start. Obtain the services of a CPA that specialises in startups. Be sure you have sufficient funding and capital. Your CPA can help you with that. Finally be committed to.hard work.

All of the above answers are correct, but you must first decide what type of business you are passionate about, then do your research, to make sure that is what you want. After, seek free additional information from organizations like, Florida Small Business Development Center Sometimes is better and cheaper to buy an existing business, with cash flow, than starting one.

A great resource is the Florida Small Business Development Center You can take a 3-hour workshop, How To Start-Up Your Own Business, that covers the basics of what you need to know before you start your business. The registration fee is reasonable and you'll have information to take with you to help explain the various aspects of starting a business and the kinds of decisions you will need to make.

The SBA has a lot of information on starting and planning. They have good basic courses as well.

The best place to start is with an accountant. How you set up your business, especially initially, will depend on your tax situation.

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